Rute Gomes – product design
The Studio Rute Gomes- product design. Studies and develops design projects, product creation and conception. The main ain is to provide to each product a unique character, independently of its function or objective. Founded by the designer Rute Gomes, who after concluding her Master in design products at the Royal College of Art, begun her professional route in London by developing various projects in scenic architecture and product design.

By invitation of Atelier de Santos, Arquitectura, starts various partnerships in architecture projects in Portugal. Teaming up partnerships with specialist with areas of design and architecture, works with objects production and products on a cultural and enterprise manner.

Nowadays Rute Gomes has a group of objects created by her spread around cities like Lisbon, Porto, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Hamburg. The experience on the permanent contact with diverse markets allows to the Studio Rute Gomes, product design giving services with excellence from product creation and conception, to projects development, design consultancy, visual arts, architecture and enterprise communication on a objective and effective way.