2=War is a bed set destined for couples with spatial issues in bed.
Firstly, it bed set has the two halves of the bed distinguished by textures, so that during the night, with the lights off, one can feel in which side is. The sheet has pockets on its sides where one can keep personal objects. The Pillows’ “L” shape allow them two positions: with the harm to the center of the bed when one is upset with the partner and with the harm to the border of the bed when you feel in a good mood with the partner. However if your partner decided to turner the pillow’s harm to the center you always try an approach by passing the harm barrier through a hole it has. If the problem is the “snoring partner” or the “talks a lot partner” you can easily hide your head inside the pillow. And because normally people have different temperatures, the duvet is divided by two different thicknesses as well. If even though your partner will steal the duvet don’t worry, this one has an elastic band that will be attached to the bed, so that when he/she pulls it, it will get back to the initial position.